A Living Death

You are just an empty cage, if you kill the bird. Tori Amos There are things inside me, that have long died. There will be no way to heal these brutal wounds. The scar tissue is far too deep on open wounds to make the healing medicine. It is winter, and some souls feel crushed… Continue reading A Living Death

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The Sound Of Silence

They say, “Appreciate what you have.” Seems when you don’t have a value of what you do have, even that will be taken from you. Freedoms matter. Taking people’s freedoms is not really right, nor kind. There are people that have talked about these things before. There are even people that have made songs about… Continue reading The Sound Of Silence

What Is The Matrix?

What is the matrix? You want to talk about why the world is screwed up? I have answers to that. The problems are not obvious, unless you are thinking in terms of time, and space. The matrix, is matrices of time and space, where time doesn’t exist. No one can really navigate the matrix, because… Continue reading What Is The Matrix?

To The Point. . .

I’ve come to the point, I want results. Bored out of my mind. Not seeing results, and no way to arrive. Maybe, other than to be at the wrong end of someone else’s knife. Seems, they all want to destroy someone these days, and really who doesn’t want a better world? Need some way, to… Continue reading To The Point. . .

What We Need…

Reality Check! You need to check in with reality. We understand times are tough, and everyone is having a tough time right now. What we need, what we really need is some relief, some real comfort, and something that doesn’t hurt like a son of a bitch. Seems, everyone is hurting these days. And we… Continue reading What We Need…

French Absolution

Got to put some beauty back into life. Somehow, the ugly parts of life, have seeped into the framework of how people are living. Isn’t the above photo really beautiful? Wish we had some photos like that. A Sense of Humor It helps in life, if you have a sense of humor about life. Even… Continue reading French Absolution

Amidst The Chaos

Some things I need to say. . . Life is getting tougher, and we are going to have to find a safe place to land; it is inevitable. The world has not been being kind. It seems, life has been kicking my dog. We need to make life kind again. Seems, some people don’t want… Continue reading Amidst The Chaos

How To Live

pigeons with no wings envy fish that fly. . . Enjoy your life. Make the best of it. Times are rough, you have to be tough. It is possible, you can do it. Sometimes, you need a thought to share, that people value! Value is in the eye of the beholder. What one person holds… Continue reading How To Live

Vivo Vim

Life goes on. Me, I’m thinking about leaving. Maybe for good. Well, that is what Beth Wood sings about in her song, “Leaving.” Been thinking about rubbish. Some idea a movie plot contained. You know, a movie can be a really moving thing, in emotional terms. Seems, no one cares. Someone is going to have… Continue reading Vivo Vim

Read My Book

I want you to read my book, it is free in epub format. What is it about? This book deals with the topics of how to heal from things that might have otherwise destroyed you. It uses controlling your thoughts, and having self mastery as a tool for self improvement. You can learn, through the… Continue reading Read My Book

Are You A Robot?

Thinking about awareness, consciousness. Is anyone in this world more than living clay? Can you prove it? Seems, these people, they don’t listen, they don’t think, and they can not reason. They have ears; yet, they don’t hear. They have eyes; yet they don’t understand. What is wrong with the world that these problems are… Continue reading Are You A Robot?

True Grit

Life is rough, and if a man wants to make it; he has to be tough. – Johnny Cash The way things are, life is not getting better. People are going to have to learn how to be kind again. Yet, they are going to have to be pretty damn tough. The way this is,… Continue reading True Grit

The Last Day

This story was written about a year ago. Posting here, for your thoughts, and ideas. The Last Day From a deep sleep I wake up in my bed. It is six thirty in the morning. I look at my wife, and think, “Shit, I don’t believe this is my last day to live.” It’s just… Continue reading The Last Day

Some Solutions

Solutions To Problems Start listening to what other people really say. Much of the problems in today’s world, could be solved if people were to really listen. Start being kind. Ghosting people, using isolation, stonewalling, and silent treatment like weapons of warfare is ruthless cruel. Love other beings. The lack of love in today’s world,… Continue reading Some Solutions

Moral Conceptions

Morality Conceptions Does the morality of an artist determine the value of their creative work? So far in as much that, if they are not morally perfect people, that their work is worthless? This raises some interesting questions about life. If to say, that an artists work is worthless only based upon their lack of… Continue reading Moral Conceptions

D = R * T

Formula For Life There must be some formula for life, that makes sense. The above formula is for calculation of Distance. The rate your moving, (R) times the time (T) equals the Distance traveled. Seems, it doesn’t matter what I write, no one gives a damn. Maybe there is another problem; maybe, something I’m aware… Continue reading D = R * T

Miscellaneous Musings

Love Matters In times like these, love matters a whole lot. Tough times we are living in. People are unhappy, and hurting. Love matters a whole lot. You have to be kind in thought and deed. Never wish others harm, nor yourself. It helps if you can show love, by doing something nice for others,… Continue reading Miscellaneous Musings

Various Musings

The World Is A Prison Seems to me, this world is a damn prison. No friends, no job, no girlfriend. No one to talk with. Bored out of my mind, and if you knew the cost of cigarettes, you would be shocked to the core. This cage, the way things are. I’m dealing with it,… Continue reading Various Musings

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Dead End

This, is not my last post. It is however a point, that has seen the dead end finally reached. The world sucks, people don’t care any longer, and no one wants to be friends. The world is running out of supplies, toilet paper is low, people have less patience, and more hostilities than you can… Continue reading Dead End

Does Solitary Confinement Mean The End? A Creative Outlook!

What does living look like for you? One can hope, you have enough food to eat, and have clothing on your back. With a roof over your head, and clean water to drink? How many people are existing in isolation these days? Google says, 36% of Americans feel the effects of isolation and loneliness. That… Continue reading Does Solitary Confinement Mean The End? A Creative Outlook!

Questions For You!!

I want to ask a few questions of you. I hope, you will answer them. 1. How are you living? How are you living these days? Do you get enough outdoor time? Are you physically active to an extent that your physical needs are being met? 2. Do you exercise your creative muscles? Are you… Continue reading Questions For You!!

5 Things To Be Excited About The Future Of The 21st Century

More Than Hype The Future: Some Hope!! What does the future hold for our lives? Seems, people today have fallen into some pit of despair, everyone is looking for a safe place to land these days. There is some excitement that can be had about living in the 21st century. If you learn to think… Continue reading 5 Things To Be Excited About The Future Of The 21st Century

Am I A Real Person?

Am I A Real Person? It is October, sitting in my office with the window open; I ponder my existence. The room I’m in was a bedroom, there is however no bed in this room. It has a desk, two desks actually, and three computers. There are photographs on the walls, and cigarettes in the… Continue reading Am I A Real Person?

Life And The Ghost

Life is a snark hunt. Wish you well with your pursuits. Really we do. It seems what ever you choose to pursue will only have limited value. That is not to say it won’t have some value to you, however what today has any real value? Seems everyone wants to be famous, or have the… Continue reading Life And The Ghost

Why Exist?

Sometimes, thoughts have some value. They can help guide us, help us align with life, the universe, and everything. Sometimes they hurt us, and those are to be avoided. When you get in the habit of thinking, you will have a wide variety of thoughts. And sometimes, you will think thoughts you don’t like much.… Continue reading Why Exist?

How Isolation Builds Character And How To Make The Best Of It

Your results may very. It all depends on what you do with the time you have. If you use your time wisely, and put only good stuff into your mind, you could make it a win win type situation. I’m not perfect, and I may need some more time in isolation, there are some things… Continue reading How Isolation Builds Character And How To Make The Best Of It

Clean Energy – The Future

If we are going to make this planet work, we are going to have to change our ways. Stop destroying the world, start moving right quick towards clean energy. This is vital to our survival. It maybe already too late. Stop putting profits ahead of everything, and start doing what is really best for everyone.… Continue reading Clean Energy – The Future

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Deeper Connections

There is need to be more whole. There is need to heal. We need some good medicine. The way things have been, there seems to be no end to the misery, but to really be healthy is really important. Seems they don’t teach the kind of connections one needs. They teach you what to think,… Continue reading Deeper Connections

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This makes Sense!!

Exactly!! Damn it!! And This!! So how do we make this better?

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The Difference. The Creative Artists And The Content Factories

Life has changed a great deal in twenty years. This world, doesn’t really feel like the same place it once was. Some people are not unhappy with the way this is. I want to talk about the difference I see about something that has been going on online. They say, content is king. But what… Continue reading The Difference. The Creative Artists And The Content Factories

How You Can Prove The Matrix Is Just A Movie Absolving Yourself

In the day; The Matrix was a real head banger. It was a really smart movie about a problem, that most people could get a sense of excitement about. Now days, it is mostly a forgotten film; something people still have in their library but have seen a thousand times too many. It was a… Continue reading How You Can Prove The Matrix Is Just A Movie Absolving Yourself

Everybody Hurts

What is the harm in ghosting people? Sometimes people do not give a shit. They do not care who they hurt, or how much harm it does. The problem is when large groups of people set out to harm someone, they usually are successful. Ghosting people is harmful. You may think it harmless, you however… Continue reading Everybody Hurts

Advice: important factors living a well balanced badass life to be happy

You want to be happy? You need to find the right balance in life. Most people that are unhappy are not living a balanced life. When things are not balanced, it leaves huge holes in your life. Finding balanced living will make you happier. You will not feel fulfilled; or have any sense of satisfaction… Continue reading Advice: important factors living a well balanced badass life to be happy

How Everyone Wants To Be Seen An Unique Star – Making Massive Chaos

The world has changed. Life was once a lot different. There should have been some common sense being used; seems, the human race has shot itself in its own foot. Life today is making massive chaos! What am I talking about? In today’s world, a lot of people are going after being the talent, and… Continue reading How Everyone Wants To Be Seen An Unique Star – Making Massive Chaos

How Zombies Live – The Uselessness of being an Alive poet

Some thoughts. Today’s project: What is wrong with the world? What is wrong with the world They don’t beg poets to write another stanza. they don’t beg writers to tell them a story. They don’t beg the painter for pictures of beauty. If anything, the bleeding hearts, the poets, the misfits, the dreamers. They are… Continue reading How Zombies Live – The Uselessness of being an Alive poet