How To Spot People That Seem Good, And Are Really Toxic

In today’s world a person needs good survival skills. It is easy to get people that have toxic traits and think they are okay people. A lot of people today, are only self validated; and they all think they are great! The trouble comes when they think they are great, and really very toxic people… Continue reading How To Spot People That Seem Good, And Are Really Toxic

Want To Change Your Life? Answer This: What Is Noble In Today’s Society?

There has to be a way. . . Today’s modern world is something that has some problems. Really when one thinks about the world we are living in, it goes way beyond just having injustice in life. To stand up against injustice is the right thing to do; however, the better thing to do is… Continue reading Want To Change Your Life? Answer This: What Is Noble In Today’s Society?

What Should We Value, Honor, and Respect As Beings In This World?

Where is the honor, respect, and kindness in this world? This world has some problems. A lot of people have been de-valued, to the point most people can not get much respect these days. Respect is defined as admiring someone for their abilities, qualities, or achievements. It seems, achievements without qualities isn’t worth much, if… Continue reading What Should We Value, Honor, and Respect As Beings In This World?

The New Economy And The Demise Of Startups – How To Protect Yourself

The last twenty years have been really interesting. Much has changed, or taken shape with technology and digital lifestyles. The innovation that has taken place has been truly groundbreaking. I don’t want to leave you heartbroken, there is news. The End The days of the startups will end. The period of innovation and mass drain… Continue reading The New Economy And The Demise Of Startups – How To Protect Yourself

Rare Birds – How The System Is Creating The Extinction Of Species In The Job Market

The Problem: Life has some problems, some of them are serious. There has been a steady de-valuation of human life for some time. These problems are likely caused by supply and demand, or the lack thereof. Seems the supply of humans is high, and the demand is low. Thus, they have lost some of their… Continue reading Rare Birds – How The System Is Creating The Extinction Of Species In The Job Market

LifeStyle On Edge – Thoughts On A Pretty Good Day

On being like a tree After a pretty good day, with nothing worse than a mild headache, it seems there are days that this living death is more bearable. Progress was made, and I’ve been thinking today about potential. Well thinking about potential, and how to define success. Seems there are ways we forget what… Continue reading LifeStyle On Edge – Thoughts On A Pretty Good Day

Philosophical Empowerment

Make Yourself Better! Through reason, one can improve their life. You have to understand, without being able to reason, nothing else is of value. Or has very little value for very short periods of time. The mess society finds itself in today; what a mess! phi·los·o·phy /fəˈläsəfē/ noun the study of the fundamental nature of… Continue reading Philosophical Empowerment

8 Steps to Beautify Your Heart, Mind, and Soul To Be Happier

Start Today!! Life is not always pretty, and to keep our minds in good condition, sometimes it is necessary to do some maintenance. Recently I was thinking about what qualities I want to have and seek in others. Thus, this article was born from the thoughts of how to beautify my mind. They say beauty… Continue reading 8 Steps to Beautify Your Heart, Mind, and Soul To Be Happier

Depressed because of Bots, Buggers & Digital Oppression?

I hate bots, digital oppression and some mad buggers wall In the digital age, life used to be a lot better. These days, you have to really be special to get found, read, or anyone to listen to you. There are so many writers these days, it is like a flood of text upon our… Continue reading Depressed because of Bots, Buggers & Digital Oppression?

What Is Advantageous?

Not All Things Are Advantageous What is advantageous in this world? After giving it some level of thought, there are some points I can make about this subject. The most advantageous options are ones that don’t have a disadvantage. Seems everyone has some dis-advantage in life, but how we deal with them determine how much… Continue reading What Is Advantageous?

Thoughts About Value, Meaning, and Being Of Worth To Others

Finding Real Reasons To Live What is value today in the minds of most people? It seems they respect money, power, and the illusions of grander. What could they find about someone like me to value? It certainly wouldn’t be my status, it wouldn’t be the money I have in the bank. There are not… Continue reading Thoughts About Value, Meaning, and Being Of Worth To Others

Visions Of The Future – The Problems With Progress Today

Our ability to progress is only limited by peoples ability to adapt. -ctopher Visions Of The Future Some cultures plan 10 years in advance. It seems some cultures are planning hundreds of years in advance. What we need is someone with some real vision to to work with. What could be accomplished If you think… Continue reading Visions Of The Future – The Problems With Progress Today

Visions For The Future – Essay

Really, people have to start thinking about the world we want to live in. Many are overcome with despair; however that isn’t going to solve the problem. This essay is some of my visions for the future. Please take the time to read it. Space Exploration of outer space may be beneficial, with the understanding… Continue reading Visions For The Future – Essay

Misfit Company 42

The book has been completed some years now. Maybe 8 years ago when the final words were penned. It’s been edited maybe as long as it took to write it, maybe longer. The website is up, with a very nice forward that is not found in the epub book as it exists today. This content… Continue reading Misfit Company 42

Meditation Video

One of my projects in recent months has taken shape. A friend of mine is creating meditation videos. In passing I casually asked if I could do the music for one of his videos. Didn’t really believe anything would come from it; however here we are. They used my song for their video and it… Continue reading Meditation Video


Life is what God and men make it. Seems humans haven’t been doing a very good job keeping things in good shape, or running smoothly. My thoughts about this are that peoples attitudes and priorities are not in line with what matters the most. Seems everyone these days is kind of bent in some way.… Continue reading Thoughts

Thoughts On Validation – What Makes You, You?

Thoughts On Validation A few days ago, a subject came up about someone else and how they must feel about themselves. My Mumz said the persons self esteem must be rock bottom because the only validation she seeks is online. Below are a few of my thoughts on validation. After giving it some thought, I… Continue reading Thoughts On Validation – What Makes You, You?


Here is some music. After an almost eight year hiatus from making music, I’m thinking about getting back into the groove of things. I’ve been so damn bored, it seems only logical. Therefore groove on. I’ve found out, life isn’t fair. You got to get tough. Life is trying to kill everyone, don’t let it… Continue reading Song

Human Mechanics

Human Mechanics, the study of what makes humans The careful study of the human race can reveal some very interesting facts. I like to call this study, human mechanics. After forty-five years of learning about humans, some of the mystery has vanished. That isn’t to say it wasn’t interesting, because in all honesty; it’s been… Continue reading Human Mechanics

Comfort Zones

Comfort Zones If there is one thing that will knock your creativity for a sour loop, it is your comfort zones. You get comfortable, you get too comfortable, and your creativity starts to take a nose dive. I’ve heard it said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish!” I had always thought its good advice and while I… Continue reading Comfort Zones

Boredom: The Plague

Boredom: A brief on it’s dangers There is a problem with today’s modern society. While there are many problems with today’s society, specifically one that is dangerous is boredom. Boredom is defined as an emotional and sometimes psychological state. Many of the problems in life, may stem from boredom. It has been linked to alcoholism,… Continue reading Boredom: The Plague

Why Lonely People Stay Lonely

About one of the most cruel things that a person can experience is prolonged isolation. It hurts not only society, but also the individuals that it effects. In today’s world, just talking about loneliness is enough to make people that have friends flee from you. They figure if you are alone, and don’t have anyone,… Continue reading Why Lonely People Stay Lonely

Describe Value To You

What Is Success? A lot of people in today’s world feel the bitter sting of having failed, or having failed at something. A lot of people today want instant success, which rarely if ever comes to knock. Some people want to be famous, or rich, or have fancy clothes and cars. While there may be… Continue reading Describe Value To You

Generation X

What Time Is It? Hey folks, I know it’s been a few weeks since I connected with you and actually wrote something. It’s been a few weeks because I have been doing my due diligence on working on my website. That however isn’t the only thing that I have been doing. Today I’m going to… Continue reading Generation X

Thoughts on life!!

Long Hard Road Sometimes one’s travels are the best parts of life. Getting to travel and see the sights, to enjoy life, and sip it’s sparkling wine. Sometimes those travels come with a kiss and an open hand. I’ve traveled twenty years with a clinched teeth and a fist so hard that my feet hurt.… Continue reading Thoughts on life!!

Wanted: Lasting Peace

Travels Through the years, there have been many road blocks to understanding, making reasonable progress. There have also been many obstacles in the way of positive change. These are not impossible hurdles, they are merely moments that people have to learn how to overcome. There are a few things that can be learned from Douglas… Continue reading Wanted: Lasting Peace