Sanity IQ Quiz

Take your results with a grain of salt. However, there might be some fun to be had by playing. Give it try, unless you try; you never really know. You want to know, right? This was a project in my spare time that was something to do for fun. I guess I have strange idea… Continue reading Sanity IQ Quiz

Captains Log

Lost Love This underground account of the lost love that was only possible. Although it wasn’t practical. Adults forget the secrets they once knew. Mostly because the system tries to beat out any trace of wisdom or knowledge. Anything that isn’t hidden in Poetry. Even then your odds are based upon the probability of pi.… Continue reading Captains Log

Creative Environments

Creative Advice This is a short essay I wrote about creative environments. It’s not a complete book, it is however only some very basic ideas to help people get started. It is by no means complete. Hence it is not perfect. Please don’t base life upon this document. It’s not a guide, it’s not even… Continue reading Creative Environments

An Important Truth

An Important Truth People that do creative things. The end goal is not to become a writer, or photographer, or painter. What we really want is the journey that takes us through all of the experiences that come with being creative. The end result is not to be just one thing, but to become a… Continue reading An Important Truth