The Last Day

This story was written about a year ago. Posting here, for your thoughts, and ideas. The Last Day From a deep sleep I wake up in my bed. It is six thirty in the morning. I look at my wife, and think, “Shit, I don’t believe this is my last day to live.” It’s just… Continue reading The Last Day

Rare Birds – How The System Is Creating The Extinction Of Species In The Job Market

The Problem: Life has some problems, some of them are serious. There has been a steady de-valuation of human life for some time. These problems are likely caused by supply and demand, or the lack thereof. Seems the supply of humans is high, and the demand is low. Thus, they have lost some of their… Continue reading Rare Birds – How The System Is Creating The Extinction Of Species In The Job Market

A Little Racy: Enjoy!

Feed Your Head Short Story, written when I was bored. Its Racy A Bit. Today I turned eighteen, as required I’m reporting to the department for Young Women; The Job Interview. It’s a nice building, doesn’t seem that bad, I think that it’s possible to handle this whole thing and not break a sweat. I… Continue reading A Little Racy: Enjoy!

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Misfit Company 42

The book has been completed some years now. Maybe 8 years ago when the final words were penned. It’s been edited maybe as long as it took to write it, maybe longer. The website is up, with a very nice forward that is not found in the epub book as it exists today. This content… Continue reading Misfit Company 42

Dear Goth

My latest project is one that should have been done ten years ago. Back in the day; my life was much darker. I’ve since come a long ways since my dear goth days, however; the spirit won’t die. Thus, I’ve kept the work around in the hopes of making good use of it someday. You… Continue reading Dear Goth


Life is what God and men make it. Seems humans haven’t been doing a very good job keeping things in good shape, or running smoothly. My thoughts about this are that peoples attitudes and priorities are not in line with what matters the most. Seems everyone these days is kind of bent in some way.… Continue reading Thoughts

Books I have Read

In all fairness, I’m not reading much these days. I have been focused on writing and doing creative things. In addition to writing, I have been making music, playing with making video, and doing photography. That said, I’m including a link to all the books I have read in the last twenty years. I have… Continue reading Books I have Read

The Future: 1

The Future: Story Planes no longer stop for passengers, if you want to make a stop in the next city, the only option is to jump. I have everything i need. My phone. Jumping from twenty thousand feet is a joy. When I land, they scan my phone, a transport van takes me to my… Continue reading The Future: 1

Tulips At Home….

On two hundred acres, there is a lot of space. I remember the year, way back in ’28, we set aside two acres and planted tulips for a few years. Every summer we would walk through the tulip fields and watch the birds come and go. There is a lot more to it than that.… Continue reading Tulips At Home….

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copyright © 2019 Ctopher Thomas Remote Civilizations In perfect weather that has been paradise for centuries, there is a group of beings that are envied through the galaxy over. These are the remnants of the buddhist monks from the twenty first century. Being highly skilled in self control they have mastered the art of thinking,… Continue reading SunDogMingo

Captains Log

Lost Love This underground account of the lost love that was only possible. Although it wasn’t practical. Adults forget the secrets they once knew. Mostly because the system tries to beat out any trace of wisdom or knowledge. Anything that isn’t hidden in Poetry. Even then your odds are based upon the probability of pi.… Continue reading Captains Log

Wanted: Lasting Peace

Travels Through the years, there have been many road blocks to understanding, making reasonable progress. There have also been many obstacles in the way of positive change. These are not impossible hurdles, they are merely moments that people have to learn how to overcome. There are a few things that can be learned from Douglas… Continue reading Wanted: Lasting Peace

The Ultimate Selfie

The Ultimate It’s the year twenty eighteen. The world is in chaos, people aren’t able to make ends meet, they can not agree on what to eat for supper much less who should be president. Everyone is an expert, which basically means that everyone has reduced all the possibilities to such a narrow ledge they… Continue reading The Ultimate Selfie

Read This!!!!!

Drinking Sapphire Wine Hey Here are some idea’s. These are for those of us who are tired of the ways of being locked into something we don’t like. The idea itself is nothing new. However I want to bring it back to the light for all of us to think about. What if we could… Continue reading Read This!!!!!

Thinking and Feeling

Importance When learning your way through your heart and mind, there is one thing that will change your life. To quote the famous philosopher, Aristotle. He said: It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. This is really true when searching for your life goals… Continue reading Thinking and Feeling

An Important Truth

An Important Truth People that do creative things. The end goal is not to become a writer, or photographer, or painter. What we really want is the journey that takes us through all of the experiences that come with being creative. The end result is not to be just one thing, but to become a… Continue reading An Important Truth


Courage by Edger A. Guest This is courage: to remain Brave and patient under pain; Cool and Calm and firm to stay In the presence of dismay; Not to flinch when foes attack, Even though you’re beaten back; Still to cling to what is right, When the wrong possesses might. This is courage: to be… Continue reading Courage

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Karen and the Hibachi

The Problem The hibachi wasn’t the problem. Karen had lived with cooking her meals some five years on the hibachi that worked great. What most people including her family didn’t know was that she lived a secret life. Deep down inside somewhere Karen is an anarchist. This wasn’t much of a problem, she knew the… Continue reading Karen and the Hibachi

Head On

Head On As he sang along to the pixies in a tune every punk knows by heart, he lit another cigarette and threw the match out the window. Alex doesn’t believe in using disposable lighters, not today, not likely tomorrow. He was on holiday in the least likely place of places the Florida keys, he… Continue reading Head On

The Mind

The Supple Mind They say the mind can be as deep as the ocean and as wide as the sky. What they don’t tell you is that the mind is a maze filled with empty rooms, distractions, and time wasters. It’s loaded with paradoxes and booby traps. It has guards at some rooms that seem… Continue reading The Mind

I love This

Ratio Mix Max had been awake a whole hour before Alex ever got up. He would have had a cup of coffee but it isn’t his style to drink coffee. Since he had been awake he had devoured two terabytes of data from the morning reports. Max is a very special individual. His main job… Continue reading I love This